Local Timber Yards.

Corsair Sustainable Timbers Yackandandah:

Established in 1992 by Denis Brown and Robert Voss with the aim of producing the best quality furniture, cabinetmaking and flooring in Australian timbers. The company has now grown to become the largest miller of Blackwood on the Australian mainland and the only miller of commercial quantities of Red Stringybark and Southern Blue Gum.

All the timbers milled are now sourced from private land in Victoria. Under Victorian Law since 1995 all the areas of timber harvested in this state must be replanted in exactly the same species that has been harvested. The normal “mean” age of the re-growth trees harvested and milled by Corsair is about 60 years….

Check it out here: http://www.corsairsustainabletimbers.com.au

Natural Edge Milling Wagga Wagga:

Located in Wagga Wagga NSW, Natural Edge Milling source quality hardwood timber from all over Australia. Our expert timber milling knowledge, experience and fully equipped facility allows us to mill and dry all of our own Australian hardwood timbers locally and to our customer’s specific needs.

At Natural Edge Milling we supply Redgum, Iron Bark, mixed Ash species, Black Butt and Spotted Gum. Our Hardwood Timber can rough sawn or supplied in a finished product. From straight grained to highly figured hardwood timber slabs and boards , we can provide you with a quality timber for a range of needs…..

Check it out here: https://naturaledgemilling.com.au

Albury Wodonga Woodcrafters Inc Wodonga:

All of the timber milled comes to us in log form from large trunks over a metre in diameter down to smaller branches. Some of the species currently to be milled or drying out are  Camphor Laurel, Claret Ash, Southern Silky Oak, Olive, Pin Oak, English Oak, London Pane, Linden , Iron Bark, Red Gum, Osage orange, Walnut, Californian Redwood.

All of the  timber comes from storm damage or trees being removed from urban location usually due to them being a danger in there current situation….

Check it out here: http://www.awwinc.com.au/timber-mill/

Fallen Timber Furniture Company (Oxley):

Brangie is a third generation family owned and run 200 acre property in Oxley, North East Victoria and home to Geoff and Linda Simpson. 100 acres of the property is on the floodplains bounded by Hurdle Creek and the King River. As this area is regularly inundated with water, it remains undeveloped, providing sanctuary for the Red Gum forests….

Our Premium Range – THE highest standard of eco-friendly timber bar none. Natural Attrition means natural causes (Mother Nature – storms, floods, droughts) and is the pinnacle of our range of eco-friendly timber. With Natural Attrition Timber, no living tree is harmed in the production process…..

Check it out here: http://fallentimberfurnitureco.com.au

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With over 15 years experience, we have in-depth knowledge and skill in timber manufacture. Specialising in solid timber construction, we manufacture and supply all areas of the timber industry, servicing both residential and commercial, supplying both loose furniture and architectural components.

At Steel Road we make functional designs with exceptional craftsmanship. Each piece is custom, made-to-order, carefully manufactured by hand using the best of modern and traditional woodworking techniques. We exclusively use sustainably sourced timbers species and the finest materials and finishes.

We are passionate about what we do and look forward to working with you.